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Here Are Reasons Why Good Stores Succeed

Since retail stores still represent about 90% of U.S. retail shopping, they are not facing imminent death (as some have predicted). Here are two charts from eMarketer that summarize why and how physical stores retain a lot of popularity, despite … Continue reading

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Retail Stores Are Thriving Here!

Despite the tough times that many retailers are having with their brick-and-mortar stores, there are still some highly desirable, premium retail store locations — with the rents to prove it! 🙂 As reported by Dyfed Loesche for Statista:  “When it comes … Continue reading

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How Over-Saturated with Retail Space Is the U.S.?

As we have noted before, it has been a tough several years for physical U.S. stores as more shoppers head online. Thus,  this is a good first question: How over-saturated with retail stores is the United States? And the follow-up … Continue reading

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