How Over-Saturated with Retail Space Is the U.S.?

As we have noted before, it has been a tough several years for physical U.S. stores as more shoppers head online. Thus,  this is a good first question: How over-saturated with retail stores is the United States? And the follow-up questions for YOU are: How many physical U.S. stores/shopping centers do YOU think will have to close until there are no longer too many of them? Which retailers do  YOU think are most likely to close physical U.S. stores in the next few years?

Consider these observations from Statista’s Felix Richter — and check out the chart below:

“According to Credit Suisse, the United States has more retail space than any other country in the world. With more than 21,500 ft² (2,000 m²) per 1,000 people, the U.S. leads similarly developed nations by a wide margin, not to speak of emerging markets. But how much is too much? Several U.S. retail chains from Macy’s to American Apparel have recently announced the closure of stores, indicating an unhealthy degree of over-saturation with retail space.”


Infographic: How Much Retail Space Is Too Much? | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


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