Resistance to Scanning and Bagging?

Today’s in-store technology often seeks to enhance the customer experience. Sometimes this works. And sometimes it doesn’t. Let’s see how.

According to Krista Garcia, writing for eMarketer:

“Retailers often bank on new in-store features being transformative, only to be met with consumer resistance. So, what makes a shopper receptive to a retail innovation?” 

“A new study from GPShopper found differing attitudes among U.S. Internet users when it asked about two forms of emerging retail technology: facial recognition and ‘scan-and-go’  initiatives. Regarding facial recognition technology, 45% of respondents had privacy concerns. But more importantly, 49% simply don’t believe the technology will improve their shopping experience.”

“In contrast, 48% of respondents said scan-and-go technology, which allows shoppers to use a retailer-provided device or mobile app to scan items and pay by smartphone, would make shopping easier. And 43% would rather try this method than wait in a checkout line. Consumers showed the most interest for using this tech at grocery stores (50%), followed by retailers specializing in home goods (30%), apparel (27%), and beauty (25%).”

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Resistance to Scanning and Bagging?

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