Resume Templates from Novo Resume

As we show below, many posts deal with building better resumes. Now, let us highlight resume templates from Novo Resume. It is one of many firms that specialize in resume templates.

Build a better resume. Three posts:


Resume Templates from Novo Resume

As Novo Resume notes:

Why Should I Use a Resume Template? By using the following resume templates, your chances of getting called for a job interview will be increased since they have been approved by recruiters and employers.”

To provide good service, Novo Resume divides its templates into two categories. For those with 0 to 5 years of work experience. And for those with more than 5 years of work experience.

In order to give applicants more choices, Novo Resume offers several types of templates:

Functional To focus on the work experience and skills you developed in the last 10 years.”

Modern — “To focus on your achievements during your work at previous firm and your impact on its overall performance.”

Simple “To cater to those with extensive experience in conservative industries such as banking or law.”

Creative — “For people applying for jobs in young companies or startups that highly value creative and innovation skills.”

Basic — “For use in both classic and creative industries. Easily personalized for whichever industry you apply for.”

Professional — “To increase chances of getting your dream job with templates devised in collaboration with multiple recruiters.”

College — “For students applying for internships or jobs looking to more than 1-page resumes.

Executive — “When applying for positions that require more than five years of relevant work experience.”

Resume Templates from Novo Resume
Novo Resume offers basic and premium plans, as shown here.

Resume Templates from Novo Resume

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