How to Live in the Cloud

With many firms now allowing employees to work off premises, we see the use of cloud software rising. Thus, how to live in the cloud takes on more importance than ever. Yet, we don’t always know about all of the facets of cloud security. And today, we address that issue. 


Overview: How to Live in the Cloud

For us as individuals, cloud computing is often not understood. Or our use of the cloud even recognized. So, look at this interesting infographic from Logicalis about a typical day in the cloud. Do at least some of these activities look familiar to you?

How to Live in the Cloud -- A Day in the Cloud


How to Live in the Cloud: A Cyber Security Infographic

Now, we turn to being cyber secure in the cloud from business perspective. As noted above, off-premises employers often connect to work through the cloud. And that means handling particular cloud-based cyber security issues.

According to Keir Thomas-Bryant of Sage Advice:

“Cloud computing lets workers access company data and applications via the Internet. Anywhere and anytime. As a result, everyday tasks can be automated and performed on laptops, tablets, or even smartphones. Thus, by managing your cash flow with cloud accounting software, workers could end up more efficient and productive.”

“In the future, cloud investment will continue increasing by 20% per year as firms plan to cut IT costs. And  maximize agility. And improve business function support. Keeping critical data and systems secure remains a key concern for firms considering a move to the cloud.”

Look at our infographic on staying safe in the cloud. It offers a walk-through of the biggest threats to cloud security that businesses face today. And it outlines how firms should tackle these. Also, it points out the tools and best practices for IT professionals to consider when adopting the cloud.”

Click the infographic for a larger version.

How to Live in the Cloud - A Cyber Security Infographic

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