Instagram Allows Retailers to Offer Shoppable Posts

As a social media platform, Instagram is huge. And it’s  still growing. It has well over 800 million subscribers. Yet, until recently, Instagram was not very retailer friendly. Now, this has changed. And the change will benefit both Instagram and retailers. Here’s how.

 Catherine Shu reports for TechCrunch:

“U.S. businesses that use Bigcommerce will now have access to Instagram’s shoppable posts feature. Merchants that use Instagram shoppable posts will also have access to analytics from the photo-sharing service. That includes how many people view product information or click through to its product page. Bigcommerce says it serves about 50,000 small to medium-sized businesses, 2,000 mid-market businesses, and 25+ Fortune 1000 firms. Clickable links aren’t allowed in post captions. So shoppable tags are the quickest way for E-commerce retailers to get Instagram users into their stores.”

Click the image to read more.

Instagram Allows Retailers to Offer Shoppable Posts

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