Better Attracting Loyal Consumers

It is crucial that retailers continuously strive to attract and retain loyal shoppers — as we’ve discussed before. [Click here, for example].

As Martin Powton writes for Customer Think:

“It takes so much effort to gain a customer now with an ever-increasing competition base and more savvy customers. So, when you do finally manage to convince your customer to choose you – it is vitally important you do everything you can to get that customer to stick with you and come back next time they need your product or services. Customer loyalty drives more revenue and reduces your costs. Loyal customers can be worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. So how can you drive customer loyalty and what steps can you take to improve your customer experience to keep your customers coming back for more?”

Here are five tips from Powton: 

  1. “Offer Quality — It may sound simple but if you offer the best solution then chances are customers will remain loyal to you.”
  2. “Personalize the Experience — Consumers prefer brands that utilize personal information to provide a more relevant experience; so ensure your entire customer journey is offering this personalized service.”
  3. “Be an Expert — Customers expectations continue to rise and they are looking to you for more than just a basic service. Any added benefits you can give them will only increase the chances of them returning to you.”
  4. “Look after Your Customers — Show your appreciation, whether it be through unique promotions and discounts or just a simple message to let them know you value their business.”
  5. “Listen to Your Customers — If you want to know how your customers really feel about you, try asking them. Feedback can give you insight that can often be missed.”

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