Global Shipping

For a long time, E-commerce has focused on shipments from within the country where the purchases are made — due to the high shipping costs and the related paperwork.
But, recently, this has been changing substantially, as more E-consumers are shopping internationally.
According to current research, as reported by Tim Parry for Multichannel Merchant (MCM):
“New global online shopping research from Pitney Bowes reveals that cross-border E-commerce is gaining traction, with nearly 40% of consumers having purchased goods online from another country. The market opportunity for online retailers looking for a global foothold remains significant.”
“While nearly all respondents (96%) have made an online purchase, the relatively low cross-border purchases highlight an opportunity for international retailers that want to capitalize on an estimated $1.5 trillion market opportunity. A successful international strategy centers on providing buyers with clarity and accuracy in the online buying process, certainty and transparency in delivery, and competitive pricing.”
Click the first image for MCM’s highlights of the Pitney Bowes study. Click the bottom image to access more information from Pitney Bowes.



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