A 2014 Customer Service Hall of Fame Survey

As we have reported before (see 1, 2), in this highly competitive marketplace, superior customer service is often the key to business success.
Thus, customer service rankings are quite important as external validation of how well companies are doing in this area.
Recently, Zogby Analytics and 24/7 Wall St. surveyed 2,500 adults about service at 150 well-known U.S. companies in 15 industries.
According to their results, these retailers ranked among the top 10 firms for customer service:
1. Amazon.com — It “leads the 2014 Customer Service Hall of Fame for the fifth consecutive year. In addition to receiving by far the highest percentage of ‘excellent’ responses, less than 2% rated the company ‘poor,’ the smallest negative perception of any company reviewed. As the largest online shopping site in the world, it offers a level of convenience that is difficult for other businesses to match. The site maintains the customers’ purchase history and makes suggestions accordingly.”
4. Chick-Fil-A — Its “customer service track record includes a number of innovative ideas,” including adopting “the policy of responding to customers with the phrase ‘my pleasure’ from Ritz-Carlton, the luxury hotel chain. More recently, in an effort to demonstrate transparency in the food preparation process, Chick-fil-A began allowing customers to take tours of its kitchens.”
6. Trader Joe’s — It “has developed a unique identity in a very competitive industry, despite spending remarkably little on advertising. In addition to providing a unique selection of wines and food, the company offers a unique atmosphere.”
Click the image for a USA Today video on this study.



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