Are Your Customers Passionate About You?

As we know, customer satisfaction alone is often insufficient for generating and sustaining long-term customer loyalty. It is important to exceed customer expectations whenever possible and drive greater customer passion.
Consider these findings from a recent Responsys study of U.S. adults, as reported by MarketingTechBlog:
  • 73% of people want a long-term relationship with companies/brands that reward them for being loyal.
  • Just 32% of people say that the companies/brands that they love only send them offers/promotions in which they have an interest.
  • One-third of people say they have “broken up” with a company/brand because because of poor, disruptive, or irrelevant marketing messages they have received.
  • 53% of people who say they have broken up with a company/brand have done so because they regularly receive irrelevant content via multiple channels.
Take a look at the following infographic to see how to gain more customer “love.”



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3 Responses to Are Your Customers Passionate About You?

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  2. Reblogged this on Evans on Marketing and commented:
    Companies need to do better in pleasing and exciting their customers. It’s all about the satisfiers, not the dissatisfiers.

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