Beware Shoppers: You’re Being Tracked

As we’ve reported various times before, companies frequently track our behavior — both online and in the store. Does the pervasiveness of this concern you?
Take a look at this recent article in the New York Times by Stephanie Clifford and Quentin Hardy. According to Clifford and Hardy: “Like dozens of other brick-and-mortar retailers, Nordstrom wanted to learn more about its customers — how many came through the doors, how many were repeat visitors — the kind of information that E-commerce sites like Amazon have in spades. So, last fall, the company started testing new technology that allowed it to track customers’ movements by following the Wi-Fi signals from their smartphones. But when Nordstrom posted a sign telling customers it was tracking them, shoppers were unnerved. ‘We did hear some complaints,’ said Tara Darrow, a spokeswoman for the store. Nordstrom ended the experiment in May, she said, in part because of the comments.
Click the image for a video clip on this subject.


Photo by Tina Fineberg for the New York Times


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