Can Customers Access Your Business Easily?

One thing that frustrates many people is their inability to be able to contact a company via the communication forum that they want (such as by E-mail or phone).
For companies to do better, Dan Mckee, a Senior Social Media Consultant for Sparkplug Digital, suggests that the firms engage in an honest self reflection:
“Please forgive me in advance if this sounds rude, but are you hiding from your customers? The gut reaction is probably something along the lines of ‘no, of course not! What a dumb question. I would never hide from my customers.’ I’d like to challenge that notion for a moment if you’ll let me. Let’s do a quick experiment. It’ll only take a minute or two.”
Step 1. Grab a notepad and a writing utensil or open up your favorite word processor. Step 2. Quickly make a list of the different ways a current or potential customer may arrive at your site. Step 3. Imagine as if you were a brand new prospect visiting your site for the first time via each of the sources on your list.”
“We hide from our customers when we don’t offer them a wide variety of avenues to reach out. It’s like we’re sabotaging our own chances of success.”
Click the image to read more from McKee’s Adhere Creative post.



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