You and Your Next Car: A Match Made in Heaven…or an App?

Despite their love for cars, most Americans do not like shopping for a new car, it rates lower than cleaning toilets or going for jury duty!’s service “Matchmaking Experience” is leveraging proprietary machine-learning algorithms to provide personalized recommendations based on the shopper’s lifestyle preferences.

Patty Odell on reports:

“Users share their feedback on up to 15 different lifestyle preferences at either or on its app. then delivers up to 20 recommended matches based on user preferences and sentiment analysis. Users then “like” or “don’t like” the recommendations offered. The Matchmaking Experience then delivers the vehicle matches to the users nearest location.”

“A pilot of Matchmaking Experience has shown promising results: a 752 percent increase in profile creation on the site, 87 percent increase in return visitors, 225 percent increase in email leads and two times the number of page views per visitor versus the traditional search experience.”

Skinner Ricketts, CMO believes that the car-matching app and online experience and the campaign will differentiate from its competitors in the commoditized auto marketplace category. She says, “ is not brokering transactions—we’re creating relationships between people and dealers and people and cars.”

The data collected from customers through the matching process can be shared upstream with car dealers and manufacturers to fine-tune their marketing efforts and projecting demand for car models, and customization options.

For insightful information on the complexities of the car purchase process, please check out the following infographic “10 Stats About the Overall Car Buying Process” by Fusion 360 for Mike Hale Acura at


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