Use Traditional Marketing to Boost Mobile Apps

As we previously noted, Mobile Ads Keep on Booming in 2018. Yet, firms should still use traditional marketing to boost mobile apps. In this post, we see how.

Drew Page of Siege Media serves as our guest blogger. Drew provides the content. The infographic comes from CleverTap.

Use Traditional Marketing to Boost Mobile Apps

Mobile marketing remains a new and still foreign concept to many businesses. As consumers pay less attention to cable, newspapers, magazines, and radio, marketers need new ways to reach their audience. The old media provided tried and true forms of advertising. So, how do you re-implement those tactics into new media?

New media represent any form of communication via the Internet. Technology continues to innovate by providing consumers with easier and faster access to the Internet Anywhere and anytime! People often pay attention to different things at different times. Gone are the days of reaching most of your audience with one television ad. It’s crucial that your business develop a mobile marketing strategy.

Digital display ads appear on Web sites, social media, and apps. And they often can provide external links to your content. Also, they can include images, text, video, and even sound. So how can you make a successful display ad? You can analyze metrics gleaned from traditional forms of advertising. For example, a billboard is generally viewed for only four seconds. Therefore, should you include a video as part of your display ad, the most exciting content should be within the first four seconds.

Consumer statistics from traditional marketing don’t just apply to display ads. The data can be used to figure out how important your header is or how many repetitions you should use. Check out the infographic from CleverTap below to learn more about how you can use traditional marketing expertise to boost your digital marketing strategy.

Use Traditional Marketing to Boost Mobile Apps

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