How Social Media Can Energize In-Store Sales

Social media can help or hurt companies in many ways. For example, see these two posts. Social Media Marketing Tips and Social Media and E-Commerce. Today, we examine how social media can energize in-store sales.

Special thanks to Chris Landry of Colourfast for serving as guest blogger. The content and infographic below are from him and Colourfast.


How Social Media Can Energize In-Store Sales

Consider the following in learning how social media can energize in-store sales. Addressing these observations is important.

Social media savvy consumers base more of their purchase decisions on what they see at the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Despite the evidence supporting this, a high proportion of retailers find themselves left behind in this social media age. Multiple studies call attention to the power of social media to boost sales and drive footfall in retailing. Also, social media have clear benefits for brand awareness, brand engagement, and customer retention. If smartly leveraged, social media benefit retailers across all sectors.

To reap the benefits of social media, retailers must invest time and resources on a consistent basis. Yet, many businesses still fail to use social media well enough to have any significant effect on sales. With millions of brands trying to capture users’ attention, it’s easy for your voice to get drowned out in the noise. Thus, it’s vital to be creative, organized and most importantly – consistent.

Have a read through this nifty infographic from the folks at Colourfast. Learn how your business can take advantage of social media to boost in-store sales. It explains the role played by social media in guiding the customer’s journey. And it offers direction on how best to ensure cohesiveness between your social media output and your firm. It also provides some interesting examples from well-known brands for inspiration.

So, happy and informative reading. 🙂

How Social Media Can Energize In-Store Sales

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