Segmenting Holiday Shopper Behavior

Although many people now begin their holiday shopping early, others do not. Segmenting holiday shopper behavior is important for retail success during the holiday season.

According to Dani Cushion,  Chief Marketing Officer of Cardlytics, there are four holiday consumer shopping segments:

  1. Steady Shoppers — “Instead of one big shopping event, they prefer to distribute  holiday spending throughout the season. This segment often buys from several retailers, online and in-store. They pick out gifts as they come across them. This segment accounted for the most spending, 46%, in 2016.”
  2. Early Birds — “They aim for efficiency and get their shopping done early, usually at fewer stores. While they made up only 10% of holiday spend last year, retailers need to reach this segment to capture the initial holiday spending that is critical to reaching overall holiday sales goals.”
  3. Black Friday Shoppers — “While these shoppers are declining year over year, they still accounted for 16% of spending in 2016. In addition to standing in line for in-store sales, this segment also likes to get their holiday deals online.”
  4. Last-Minute Shoppers — “With their spend growing 8% year over year, this is the fastest-growing shopper segment. It accounted for 28% of all holiday spending last year. Unsurprisingly, these shoppers really like to get their gifts online.” 

Click the image to see Cushion’s “how to engage” tips for each segment. 


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