End of Amazon 1-Click Exclusivity, Start of Hilton Relationship

Each day seems newsworthy for Amazon. It appears on a regular in media stories and on social media sites. These are  just a handful of our 2017 posts on Amazon.   Amazon’s Desired Attributes for Job Applicants.   Amazon: King of the Retail World.   Amazon Dives into Custom Clothing.   Amazon Collecting Sales Tax in More States.

Today, we cover the end of Amazon 1-Click exclusivity and the start of Hilton Relationship.


End of Amazon 1-Click Exclusivity

 Here’s a good synopsis from Greg Sterling, writing for Marketing Land:

“Issued originally in 1997, the 1-Click patent was the subject of controversy and litigation at the time. Here’s Amazon’s basic description of how 1-Click works: When you place your first order and enter a payment method and shipping address, 1-Click ordering is automatically enabled. When you click Buy now with 1-Click on any product page, your order will be automatically charged to the payment method and shipped to the address associated with your 1-Click settings.

“Amazon’s 1-Click ‘business method’ patent expired last month. This means that anyone will soon be able to duplicate its functionality on any E-commerce site and across the Internet. Now, Google, Facebook, Apple (which licensed 1-Click) or anyone else will be able to implement the same type of simplified purchasing. One of the keys to Amazon loyalty, before Prime, was the simplicity of checking out. By some estimates, shopping cart abandonment was worth more than $4 trillion in lost sales last year. That’s trillion, with a t.”

Click the image to read more.

End of Amazon 1-Click Exclusivity. Amazon’s 1-Click 'business method' patent expired last month. What that means is that anyone will soon be able to duplicate its functionality on any e-commerce site and across the internet.

Start of Hilton Relationship

Amazon regularly pursues new opportunities. So do many customer loyalty programs. One of those — Hilton Honors — recently entered into an agreement with Amazon to give customers greater redemption honors.

Will this venture be successful?

As described by George Anderson for RetailWire:

“If you’re one of the 66 million members of the Hilton Honors rewards program, you are now eligible to redeem your points for purchases on Amazon.com. Hilton becomes the first hotel brand to link its loyalty program point redemption to the E-tail site. The new perk is free to all eligible Hilton Honors members who link their accounts to Amazon. Members of the Hilton program can automatically use their points to apply to purchases or opt to do it manually.”

“Said Mark Weinstein, Hilton’s senior vice president and global head – customer engagement, ‘“We are always looking for ways to deliver unique experiences to customers,” loyalty and partnerships, in a statement. “By teaming up with Amazon, we are able to offer our Hilton Honors members yet another choice in how they redeem their Hilton Honors Points.’”

“Hilton Honors members who use their points for purchases on Amazon should know that 500 points are equal to one dollar when they shop, according to the FAQ. While Hilton points may be combined with Amazon gift cards to make purchases, they may not be added to other rewards program offers on a single order.”

Click the image to visit the Hilton Honors Amazon page.

Start of Hilton Relationship. Hilton Honors' Amazon shopping opportunities.

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