Amazon’s Desired Attributes for Job Applicants

While many retailers have been laying off employees due to disappointing results, Amazon has been hiring thousands of new employees. Click here to see Amazon’s open jobs, divided into three sections — university recruiting, fulfillment center hiring, and remote career opportunities.

According to Amazon’s Miriam Park, writing for Fast Company:

“As a job candidate, having the right ‘hard skills’ is a critical prerequisite for any role at just about any company. But especially for recent grads, technical expertise alone isn’t what’s going to help you stand out in a job market where so many of your peers are talking up the same exact credentials. You’ll need at least two other things in order to gain an edge: first, those ‘soft skills’ you keep hearing about – like communication, problem-solving, and collaboration – and second, a few clear signs that you’re a fit for the specific work culture of the company you want to hire you.”

“As Amazon’s director of University Recruiting, these are a few things I like to look for that candidates don’t always know to add to their resumes, mention during job interviews, or even write about on hiring assessments.”

“(1) SIGNS THAT YOU’RE CURIOUS. We want to hire people who don’t rest on their laurels when it comes to personal and professional development – they constantly forge ahead, building new skills by asking new questions about whatever piques their curiosity. (2) A BIG RISK YOU TOOK. Amazon’s most loved products have been the brainchildren of calculated risk-takers–employees who have looked at an opportunity, understood the risks, and been bold enough to push forward. (3) SOMETHING YOU THOUGHT UP YOURSELF. Being able to complete tasks and projects effectively and on time is important–that’s a given. But so is bringing new ideas, products, and solutions to the table. (4)  A TIME YOU PUT THE CUSTOMER FIRST. (You knew this one was coming, didn’t you?) Amazon is famously focused on being the world’s most customer-centric company, so every decision we make starts with the customer and works backward from there.” 

Click the image to read more from Amazon’s Park.

[Photo: David Ryder/Getty Images]


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