How Men and Women Use Technology While Shopping 

Euclid has just published the results of an important study: “Evolution of Retail: The Gender Gap — How Men and Women Use Technology While Shopping.” Click here to access the report [Note: A free sign-in is required.



“Human Interaction is still a key part of the shopping experience. Technology has a place in physical retail but it needs to enhance, not distract from the immersive experience of being in the physical location. This study reveals some of the consumer experiences that men tend to gravitate toward versus women and identifies the key aspects of the retail experience that create lasting impressions on each gender.”


“Download the report to learn: Which gender is more likely to rely on store associates for advice and product recommendations. How both groups really feel about an associate-free store like AmazonGo. Ways brick-and-mortar retailers can use technology to enhance the in-store shopping experience. In spite of current headlines, it does not appear that salespeople are disappearing from stores. In this regard, men and women are more similar than different. Survey respondents uniformly said they were not interested in visiting stores that do not have sales people (such as Amazon Go).”


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