Online Grocery Shopping by Age and Location

Online grocery shopping is still in infancy; but it is consistently growing — especially with the same-day delivery services expanding rapidly.

According to  Monica Melton, writing for eMarketer:

“With Amazon, Walmart, and other big players jockeying for a position in the grocery market, it’s easy to forget that digital grocery shopping is still in the early stages. The latest evidence of that comes from a Gallup survey, which found that most grocery shopping still takes place in stores. In fact, many U.S. consumers surveyed — more than eight in 10 — said they have never bought groceries online for pickup or delivery. Overall, very few respondents said they placed online grocery orders. Just 5% said they purchased their groceries online once or twice a month.”

“Among the relatively few digital grocery shoppers, Millennials and city dwellers only marginally outpace their older and more rural counterparts when it comes to buying groceries online. While older people were less likely to shop for groceries online, as many other studies have pointed out, the difference, when compared to younger people, was only slightly less according to the Gallup study. For example, 15% of 18- to 29-year-olds said they bought groceries online at least 1 to 2 times a month, compared to 10% of 50- to-64-year-olds.”



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