IKEA’s New Ads: Assembling Furniture Should Be Easy

IKEA is a very smart marketer. In its latest print advertising campaign, it is focusing on how easy it should be to assemble DYI furniture — with a clever nod to the simplicity of assembling IKEA’s furniture.

As reported by  Mikelle Leow for Design Taxi:

“Setting your home up shouldn’t be that difficult. Pieces should connect, and you should not be able to find any loose ends—but if you ever do, there’s always IKEA Assembly Service. In this clever campaign by Miami Ad School Madrid for IKEA Assembly Service, furniture fixtures are part of puzzles such as the ‘Game of 15’, a jigsaw, and a Rubik’s Cube. If you’re stuck on a puzzle, IKEA doesn’t just hand you a hint — it solves the whole riddle for you.”


These three images are from the IKEA 2017 campaign. (Images by Miami Ad School Madrid via Ads of the World)


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