When Is the Right Time to Eat? Interesting Conclusions

Looking to eat better? Then cut down on impulse eating.
According to food and supermarket guru Phil Lempert: “Mom was right when she said to wait until dinner. Improve your diet by time-delaying your eating by ordering your food long before you plan on eating.”
Take a look at this video clip by Lempert.


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1 Response to When Is the Right Time to Eat? Interesting Conclusions

  1. Matthew Pontbriand says:

    What I like about this article is how it can relate to other things, and not just food. If you have ever seen an ad for online food shopping they never seem to show sweets. Instead they always show a person or family making a healthy meal because they know when people eat healthy it has a greater chance of making you feel better about yourself because you are doing something good for your body. Generally I have found that cravings for sweets and junk food happen when you are bored which makes people think differently than they usually would.

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