Optimizing In-Store Traffic

Given the fast-changing nature of both bricks-and-clicks retailing and online retailing, store-based retailers really need to do everything they can to optimize their in-store traffic.
Recently, HeadCount did a study on in-store traffic counts. This report is available [with a free login] from RetailWire:
“With store traffic counts eroding and the attention of digitally-attuned shoppers splintering, retail execs are under increasing pressure to question every store’s right to exist. Operators are rightly turning to in-store analytics for views into what is really happening and for meaningful insights. But when it comes to using those insights to convert browsers into buyers, they fall short of their ROI goals.”
“Read this m·Paper to learn about HeadCount’s exhaustive store traffic and conversion study in which they used A/B methodology to gauge the financial benefits of combining data-driven coaching with simplified reporting.”


Here is a store traffic video from HeadCount.
Retail Traffic Counting from Mark Ryski on Vimeo.


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