Hands-On Tools to Improve Profitability

As we have reported before, the Retail Owners Institute (ROI) provides many free or inexpensive resources. For example, see 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
Here are two other helpful resources from ROI:
  • The ROI’s SPEEDY Expense Analyzer for Retailers — “Analyzing business profits? Forecasting or ‘what if…?’ planning? These efforts are easier — and much more useful! — when the expense numbers from your P&L are sorted into five ‘buckets’. And this SPEEDY Expense Analyzer does that for you … automagically!
  • The Retailer’s PROFIT FINDER — “Are your profits hiding in plain sight? Here’s how to discover them. USE ‘BUCKETS” TO MONITOR, ANALYZE, AND CONSIDER “WHAT IF…?'”


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