Free Data from the Retail Owners Institute

The Retail Owners Institute provides a lot of free and inexpensive data through its Web site. While the data are valuable to retailers of any size, the site is very good for small retailers because of the pricing: “The ROI prides itself on making the basics of retail financial management readily available to any retailer, anywhere, worldwide, 24/7. To take advantage of this self-help resource, All it takes is a little desire…and a Web browser!”
Here are links to some FREE resources from ROI:

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5 Responses to Free Data from the Retail Owners Institute

  1. Thanks for alerting your readers to The Retail Owners Institute and its self-help resources.

    The list of freebies should also have included our TOPICAL TUESDAYS webinars. The live (and lively!) sessions each Tuesday are free to attend; or, a recorded version can be accessed all day each Tuesday.

    Tomorrow’s topic: How to Outperform(!) the Economy. Should be fun!

    Here is a link to the page on The ROI site where we post the upcoming session, and provide some more information about these sessions:

    Thanks again!

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