The Retail Supply Chain: What’s Ahead

As we know, retail supply chains are getting more geographically dispersed and more complex. So what’s ahead in this area?
Integrated Solutions for Retailers recently a published report on this topic: “The retail supply chain is becoming worldwide, from sourcing and manufacturing to end user delivery, and everywhere in between. Knowing how to maximize assortment planning across all channels and where to source the merchandise will be key to retailers maximizing margins and controlling costs as they expand worldwide. The retail supply chain is evolving, and retailers need to take notice. Those that evolve with it and are open to changes in sourcing, technology, and planning will become true retail winners, while those retailers who choose to stick with old, outdated methods will be left behind. Retail is in one of its most competitive eras in history, and with the growth of E-commerce, margins are slimmer and customers are less loyal. The supply chain is a major area of potential cost and time savings and can be a differentiator when it comes to customer service.”
Click the image to access the report.


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