Mixed Results With Augmented Reality

More than five years ago, we discussed augmented reality (AR). We highlighted the “magic mirror” used in retail stores. At that time, it was predicted that AR would rapidly gain popularity. But, according to new research, there are mixed results with augmented reality. Why?


Why the Mixed Results With Augmented Reality 

Consider this discussion by eMarketer:

“Emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) offer new promise for retailers looking to elevate the shopping experience. But are people interested? According to an eMarketer survey by Bizrate Insights, which polled 1,150 US internet users in July 2018, most respondents have never used AR in shopping. While there are many (48.1%) who don’t intend to, there are also many (42.3%) who would like to.”

“For some, mainstream adoption has already started to happen. According to a January 2018 survey by Ericsson, 17% of augmented reality and virtual reality users worldwide said the technology is already making it possible to get all the benefits of shopping in a store directly on a smartphone. Another 27% believe this will happen within a year.”

“By and large, there are many shoppers who are intrigued by applications like AR-enabled clothes shopping experiences. And other studies, like Ericsson’s, have found widespread expectation that AR capabilities are likely to expand rapidly.”

Mixed Results With Augmented Reality

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