Offline Innovations in Retail – Infographic

Thank you to Patrick Thuot, vice-president with traffic counter supplier Storetraffic for today’s guest post.


Offline Innovations in Retail

There is no doubting the fact that the retail niche has been a state of huge change over the last number of years. Predominantly this is due to advancements in technology and specifically E-commerce and the Internet. As a result of these changes, consumers have changed their behaviors and now like to try different styles and types of shopping. Malls and brick and mortar retailers have directly felt the brunt and we have witnessed and continue to see many store closures throughout the country. This does not however mean the end of brick and mortar retail. While it is true that retail has changed and consumers demand new experiences, traditional retailers can and are fighting back. They do definitely need to change tactics and think strategically but it is possible to pull things through and move into the future of retail which encompasses both on and offline.

The folks at Storetraffic have put together this infographic which outlines everything you need to know about offline innovations in retail. These can include things like use of data in a leverage style or utilizing an omnichannel approach to the niche. Read through the infographic to gain further insight and to stay ahead of the posse!

Click the infographic for a larger view.

Offline Innovations in Retail – Infographic


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