eBay Asking Customers What They Want

eBay has been on a roll. And part of it is due to eBay asking customers what they want. Rather than making assumptions about shopper desires. That is vital for online retailers, too.

As Tom Ryan reports for RetailWire:

“eBay has come up with a straightforward way to fine-tune personalization efforts: asking consumers what they’re interested in. Available initially on eBay’s mobile app, the offering, called Interests, ‘tailors your shopping experience based on your passions, hobbies, and style.’”

“After downloading the mobile app, users register and sign in ‘so we can personalize your eBay experience.’ Clicking ‘What Are Your Interests’ brings up four question themes along with a number of categories of interests. What do you love? – Tech, Gaming, Pop Culture, My Kids, Pets, Beauty & Grooming, Collecting, etc. What are you a fan of? – Movies, NFL, Music, NBA, NCAA Sports, MLB, NHL, Other Sports, etc. What’s your style? – Women’s Style, Men’s Style, Home Style, Art & Design, etc. What are your favorite activities? – Outdoors, Food & Parties, Sports & Fitness, etc.”

Users check off boxes within each category to indicate, for instance, what kind of tech they’re interested in (e.g., smart home, gadgets, remote control toys), what movie genres they’re a fan of (e.g. horror flicks, comedies), what their favorite outdoor activities are (e.g. hiking, downhill skiing) and other more specific interests.”


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Source: eBay

Source: eBay


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