Online Shopping Behavior Is Still Evolving

As we reported yesterday, the future of E-commerce is brighter than everNow, we study how online shopping behavior is still evolving. In this post, we look at: (1) online shopping trends and (2) the recent success of eBay. The material is drawn from eMarketer.


How Online Shopping Behavior Is Still Evolving

eMarketer Retailing reports that:

In the United States, “marketplace platforms generated $2.1 billion of revenue, increasing 11%, and $22.5 billion of gross merchandise volume (GMV), a key metric. According to ‘The eMarketer E-commerce Insights Report,’ conducted by Bizrate Insights in March 2018, fully 44% of internet users have made a recent purchase via an online marketplace.”

And the online shopping process itself is evolving, as shown in this chart.

Online Shopping Behavior Is Still Evolving


eBay’s Strong Results

Since its spin off of PayPal, eBay has worked hard to boost its E-commerce business. And these efforts are paying off.

eMarketer attributes eBay’s success to four factors:

  1. International Growth
  2. Brand Awareness and Acquisitions
  3. Improved Shopping Experience
  4. Shifting Merchant Focus

To read about these four factors, click the image below and then scroll down the page.

eBay Driving Ahead

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