New Infographic on E-Commerce’s Future

Today, we present a new infographic on E-commerce’s future. This builds upon these prior posts:


A New Infographic on E-Commerce’s Future from Go People

Go People, an Australian delivery services company recently looked at the future of E-commerce. As the firm’s Nick Hartman observes:

“The E-commerce industry is on a roll, as digital consumers are buying more and more products and services from online retailers. And it’s not just limited to giant E-commerce stores like Amazon and eBay. Small to medium enterprises are also seeing spikes in their online sales — thanks to the continuous growth of digital technologies, as well as digital consumers.”

“People who are on the go want fast and convenient methods of shopping. And E-commerce addresses this need for them. With just a click or tap on your devices, you can order items or subscribe to a service. You can also take advantage of hamper delivery when you shop online. It’s shopping made easy for consumers who do not have the time to go to brick-and-mortar stores.”

“With these scenarios, it’s safe to say that E-commerce will continue to grow. And to attract a wider market globally. Look at this infographic showing existing and upcoming trends in E-commerce, the buying behavior and preferences among digital shoppers, and how things will pan out for your E-commerce business.”

New Infographic on E-Commerce’s Future

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