Are You Willing to Share YOUR Data with Retailers?

As we know, many people are reluctant to share their personal data due to concerns about identity theft, access to private information, and more.
Skepticism abounds, as highlighted by these observations from eMarketer
“U.S. consumers offer mixed reviews of retailers’ use of their personal data — and they are generally doubtful that sharing additional data would do much to improve their customer experience. In a recent survey by YouGov, commissioned by customer acquisition and engagement platform [24]7, U.S. consumers were asked about their experience with companies that had access to their personal data.”
“The respondents were of roughly equal minds about retailers’ use of their personal data, with 42% saying that generally retailers had put it to good use, and 48% saying that they had not. But the respondents were much less likely to expect a better experience from sharing additional data. In this case, 46% were doubtful that additional data would result in a better customer experience, compared with 36% who were generally confident it would improve things.”



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