Self-Branding Across Roles and Life Stages: Part 3

Recently, Zarb School of Business Distinguished Professor Joel Evans of Hofstra University did an extended radio interview with Suzanne Phillips, Psy.D. on self-branding from different perspectives and across our diverse roles. Self-branding — how we see ourselves and how we want to be perceived by others — is a key to long-term personal and career success.
In this post, we are including Part 3 of the interview, which is broken into three parts/posts.


How can you use self-branding to consider what you want to do after college?
  • Click on the self-assessment test URL at the Radio America page for this program.
How can you use self-branding after retirement?
  • We have to first ask ourselves what we want to do in our retirement? Be a volunteer, travel more, work part-time, be more active as a grandparent, serve on local boards, etc.?
  • For each of these roles, we need a different (and maybe new) self-brand that we can project to others.
  • Our self-brand should be reflective of the role we are pursuing.
    • Here’s a personal example. I’m reaching the point where I am thinking about retiring from my full-time job in a couple of years.
    • My wife thinks I’ll go crazy in retirement (HER perception of my self-brand).
    • On the other hand, I have a good idea what I want to do then, as I recast my self-brand. I want to teach a graduate class at least once a year. I want to do volunteer work for a health-related nonprofit organization. I want to stay active in social media. I want to keep going to the gym and mingling with people there. I’m sure that as the time approaches, I will come up with more “to do” items. [Besides traveling more]
    • No matter what, I will have a strong impact on how others see me.


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  2. We hope that everyone finds the series of four posts, including three YouTube clips, on “Self-Branding Across Roles and Life Stages” to be useful. Please contact us with any feedback by commenting here.

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