How Online Retail Continues to Evolve

Even though online retailing has been around for a while, it is nowhere close to peaking. There are many avenues for growth, and various changes in online retailing practices under way.
As Dave Chaffey observes for Smart Insights:
“Online retail is a huge and booming industry as the latest retail growth figures show. Although overall growth is continuing, interestingly Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other big days for E-commerce purchases were all down on the year before, despite the fact overall E-commerce sales were up considerably. Consumers are increasingly less impressed by these date-specific offers, so it’ s better to have a strategy which isn’t over-reliant on these days.”
“Check out our infographic created by JBH Marketing to discover the state of online retail 2016 which has other interesting benchmarks – did you know that conversion rates on smartphone are one-third of those on desktop on average?”



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