7-Eleven’s BIG Pizza Sweepstakes

To generate more excitement among its customers, 7-Eleven is now sponsoring a “Pizza for Life” sweepstakes. 7-Eleven only started selling pizza — one of the most popular food items in America — about five years ago.
As the retailer says at its Web site:
“Here’s a slice of life. Actually, make that the whole pizza pie. 7-Eleven, Inc. will give some lucky pizza-lover a lifetime of hot, cheesy pizza in the first-ever Pizza for Life Sweepstakes. The contest runs through Friday, May 16, which happens to be National Pizza Party Day. Entrants must be at least 18 years old to participate and can enter once a day. The prize value is $10,500, and the winner will be notified by the end of May.”
“’Pizza is popular with our guests,’ said Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven vice president of marketing and brand innovation. ‘Because it tastes so good and is a great value. No coupons, no limited time offers – just large hot pizzas for $5.55 each. The only better deal is if you happen to win the Pizza for Life sweepstakes!’”


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