Bravo, Office Depot’s Anti-Bullying Campaign

Bullying has become a global concern, with particularly nasty social media posts leading to depression and even some suicides among those being bullied. So, here’s a “bravo” to Office Depot for teaming up with the popular youth-oriented band One Direction
As reported by Patrycja Malinowska for Path to Purchase Institute: 
“Office Depot recruited popular boy band One Direction to front a multi-faceted anti-bullying initiative headlining the retailer’s 2013 back-to-school marketing campaign. The ‘1D+OD Together Against Bullying’ campaign is built around an exclusive collection of limited-edition school supplies and collectibles depicting members of the band and their self-selected words of empowerment. Launched on July 5, the line includes three-ring binders, notebooks, pens, memo pads, wristbands, and nail polish, all priced under $10.”
“A portion of product sales is slated to benefit the Office Depot Foundation’s anti-bullying educational program. Launching at middle schools across the U.S. this season, the program will send youth crisis counselor Brooks Gibbs to schools to conduct ‘Be The Difference. Speak Up Against Bullying’ assemblies for students as well as sessions for parents, teachers and administrators.”



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