A Loyalty Program That Was Too Successful?

There are times when companies really surprise you with their decisions. This is certainly the case with Stonyfield Farms, which sells a variety of dairy products — especially yogurt — through supermarkets and other retailers carrying dairy items.
The firm’s My Stonyfield Rewards page now has this message:
“Dear Yogurt Lover,
After 3 great years, the  myStonyfield Rewards program will be coming to an end April 12, 2013. What started as a small program to thank you grew far beyond our expectations. Unfortunately, it’s now at a point where it’s no longer sustainable to run in a way where you will feel truly rewarded. Your last day to enter and redeem points on this site will be April 12, 2013. We’ve put together answers to a list of questions you might have, and if you need any further information, please contact us.
Thank you for your loyalty!”


To read Promo’s take on Stonyfield, click the image.


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