Handling Rideshare Drivers

As we know, ridesharing via Uber and Lyft has taken off in the last few years. Thus, a lot has been written about it. For example, see Where Do YOU Stand on Ride-Hailing Apps? Today, we look at handling rideshare drivers. And many types of drivers exist.

Zachary Kee-Clemmer of Siege Media serves as our guest blogger. Zach provides the content. The infographic comes from The Zebra.


Handling Rideshare Drivers

Did you know Uber has quickly become the largest tech startup? The rideshare service company topped the second place AirBnB by over $30 billion last year. Uber’s success, and the success of other rideshare services, is due in large part to young professionals who use rideshare apps to commute to work. In fact, it’s often reported that the best time to drive for a rideshare service is weekday mornings because so many people commute using Uber or Lyft.

So, you’ve probably used a rideshare service before. For all its benefits, using a rideshare service can be a bit of a guessing game. You have to ride in a complete stranger’s car and be forced to make conversation — or worse, forced to sit in silence — for the duration of the ride. Sometimes you get lucky and the person is a great conversationalist, has snacks, and lets you pick the music. But more often than not, rideshare drivers make things awkward one way or another.

That’s why The Zebra created a guide to help those who struggle with awkward rideshare drivers. The guide breaks down the 10 most common types of rideshare driver personalities you’ll run into, from drivers who share too much to those that don’t say a word. We give tips on how to deal with each type and the appropriate rating to give for each driver.

Check out the full infographic below. My personal favorites are Wise Wilbur and Traveling Terry.


Handling Rideshare Drivers

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