Money Tips for International Business Travel

Today, we offer money tips for international business travel. Please note: Most of these tips also apply to international consumer travel.


Fundera’s Money Tips for International Business Travel

Thanks to Emily Campbell of Siege Media for authoring this section of today’s post. And to Fundera for the infographic.

“Traveling internationally can be tricky even for seasoned domestic travelers. Thus, do as much research as possible. In the middle of all your planning, it is easy to lose track of some aspects of business travel. For example, money (currency) issues.”

“Many international travelers find that they did not exchange their currency. Or they forgot to get the correct type of business credit card. Even when addressed before traveling, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what needs to be done to have all money matters sorted. To help simplify things, Fundera created an infographic on money tips for international business travelers. It includes clear, concise points on priorities when sorting out currency exchanges, credit cards, and bill payments in preparation for international travel.”

Consider the tips in the infographic below from Fundera. They apply whether you are an international business traveler. Or a person going on an overseas vacation.

Money Tips for International Business Travel

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