Personalizing Your E-Mail Efforts

Despite the popularity of texting, Facebook Messenger, and other newer communication tools, E-mail remains a popular form of communicating. [For example, see E-Mail Popular. Complements New Media. and Mobile Marketing Facts.] So, let’s consider ways for personalizing your E-Mail efforts.


Tips for Personalizing Your E-Mail Efforts

In an era where there is so much competition, companies need any edge they can get. Personalizing your E-mail efforts helps firms stand out.

As Luda Greko notes for Active Trail:

“Personalization is a tactic all E-mail marketers should use. Leads, subscribers, and customers are distinct from each other. And their differences go beyond demographics. Sending generic E-mail does not only show your lack of creativity and strategy. It’s also a waste of time, energy, and money.”

“Any good E-mail marketer will tell you that proper personalization gave their campaigns a significant boost. By tailoring your E-mail content, you offer strong and relevant messaging to your subscribers and to your customers. And you get higher open rates and better engagement.”

“Here are some great numbers and statistics that will show you the power of email personalization.”

Tips for Personalizing Your E-Mail Efforts

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