Award-Winning Women in Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing recently announced its “Women of Excellence 2017″ award winners. The awards were made in four categories: innovation, collaboration, leadership, and rising star.

Here are the 12 winners. Clink on the links for the innovation winners to see brief profiles of these women.

  • INNOVATION: Nicky Jackson, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, RangeMe Inc.; Carolyne Klug, Shopper Marketing Manager, GlaxoSmithKline; Olga Yurovski, CEO, Shopperations Research & Technology
  • COLLABORATIONBarbara Hennessey, Commercial Marketing Manager, Heineken USA; Kristi Running, Manager, North American Display Planning, General Mills; Karen Sales, Vice President of Digital Partnerships & Shopper Marketing, Albertsons Cos.
  • LEADERSHIPTina Manikas, President, FCB/RED; Diane Wallace, Vice President, Retail Marketing, Coca-Cola Co.; Stacey Rubin, Senior VP, Catapult Marketing
  • RISING STAR: Michele Gissi, Integrated Marketing & PR Manager, Key Foods Stores Co-Operative Inc.; Morgan Sonnier, Account Executive, Geometry Global; Michelle Then, Senior Client Services Manager, Advantage Solutions
    Click the image to read more.
    Award-Winning Women in Retail. Shopper Marketing: Women of Excellence 2017

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