How Shoppers Can Eat and Live Better

Are you healthy? Do you feel stressed out? If these topics interest you, today’s post is for you. Eating, Living Better.

We have posted many times on these topics, including these: How Physically Active Are YOU? How Healthy Are We? Perceptions Vs. Reality What’s the State of Healthcare Information Online? Want to Attract the Health-Conscious Consumer? Which Elements of YOUR Emotional Intelligence Do YOU Need to Improve? Reducing Your Stress.

Thank you to Gin Garton, Director of Communication at, for giving us access to the material that follows.



As the MoneyGeek staff report:

“We’ve all been there. You’re in the 10-items-or-less checkout line at the grocery store. The clerk rings up your purchases and announces the total. As you load your meager foodstuffs into the car, you must grapple with grim reality. You’ve just spent $16 for a box of cereal, three protein bars, and a bag of carrots. But this disturbing scene need not be repeated. Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t have to break the bank to buy healthy, nutritious food. You just need to plan ahead a bit, become a savvy consumer, and understand some basics about nutrition.”

“Of course, the food we eat is not the only factor that contributes to our health and wellness. Our sleeping habits and stress level also affect how we feel, both physically and mentally. This guide shows you how to save money while eating well and living fully. It also includes some special tips for three groups of people who often find it hard to find the time to eat well and get enough sleep: College students, parents and children.”

What’s the solution? Low Stress + Good Sleep + Balanced Diet = The Recipe for Healthy Living.

Eating, Living Better. Low Stress + Good Sleep + Balanced Diet = The Recipe for Healthy Living

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Eating, Living Better

According to MoneyGeek, we can do these things to feel better.

Eat Better

  • “Focus on What You Should Eat, Not What You Shouldn’t — Let’s face it, pizza at 2 A.M. hits the spot, but maybe you don’t feel too great about it the next morning. Rather than quit cold turkey, fill up on fresh, whole foods during the day and then see if you still want that late night pizza.
  • Make Sure to Eat Enough Throughout the Day — It’s tempting to skip meals while rushing around, but food is absolutely essential for maintaining your focus, energy levels, and immune function during the day.
  • Avoid Dieting — Don’t put the extra stress of a diet on yourself when you’re already swamped.”

Reduce Stress

  • “Exercise Moderately — Get some exercise to stay focused and energetic. Begin with a realistic and attainable goal such as 15 to 30 minutes of walking a day.
  • Meditate — Meditation is “mental hygiene” for its impact on managing stress. Start with 5 minutes a day, and it will be there for you when you need it later in life.
  • Be Kind to Yourself — Life is demanding. You can’t be perfectly healthy all the time. Stressing about your health will make matters worse. Give yourself a pat on the back for the healthy choices you do make, however small, and keep on going!”

Sleep Better

  • “Don’t Bring Worries to Bed — Keep a journal next to your bed and spend a few minutes writing your thoughts before you go to sleep.
  • Create a Comfortable Sleeping Environment — Avoid being on your laptop in bed, especially within a half hour of asleep. If you live in a college dorm or with roommates, an eye mask and earplugs may help to drown out noise and light.”
  • Avoid Caffeine in the Afternoon and at Night — Consuming caffeine late in the day can hinder your quality of sleep. Reach for green tea instead.”

For other great tips, go to MoneyGeek’s “A Saver’s Guide to Eating and Living Well.


Take a Fun Nutrition Quiz

Click the image below. Enter your answers at the MoneyGeek site. What do YOU learn?



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  1. i’m a nutrition connoisseur . I got all answers righ lol I still cannot get a good night of sleep though 😭

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