Most Attractive U.S. Employers: 2017

Yesterday’s post covered the 2017 most attractive global employers for business students.

Click below to access information on the prior two surveys:

    • 2016 most attractive U.S. employers.
    • 2015 most attractive U.S. employers.


      In sum, these are Universum’s survey goals:

      “Today’s businesses operate in a highly competitive employment landscape. You you can gain a valuable insight into how firms are perceived by tomorrow’s workforce with the results of our 2017 Talent Survey in the U.S. In addition, we highlight career aspirations and desirable industries identified by the respondents.”


      2017 Most Attractive Employers for U.S. Business Students

      For the 2017 Most Attractive Global Employers U.S. report, Universum surveyed 27,000 business students in the United States.

      These 25 employers rank highest by U.S. college business students.

      2017 Most Attractive U.S. Employers. Top 25 ranked by U.S. business students.

      Click below to access the full 2017 U.S. employer report. Note: A free login is required.

      2017 Most Attractive U.S. Employers. Click to download the full U.S. report.


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