JetBlue’s Innovative Customer Service Software

JetBlue is known for its superior customer service. This helps engender customer loyalty, According to fliers’ ratings of the airline industry (as reported by the American Customer Satisfaction Index), JetBlue is the highest-rated domestic airline for customer satisfaction. To make sure it stays on top with customers, JetBlue is introducing new software to make complaint-handling a seamless experience.


“The airline has announced a partnership with the startup Gladly, which, according to a statement released by JetBlue, ‘allows customers to move from one communication channel — such as phone, text, chat, E-mail, tweet, or even Facebook message — to the next without taking valuable time to repeat and recap their previous conversations.’ That means going forward, every interaction you have with JetBlue will be collated into one place. In the current setup, all those modes of communication are cordoned off from one another, so there’s no way for a gate agent to know that you’ve already spoken with customer service on the phone, or for the person behind the Twitter account to know that you’ve also already spoken to the gate agent.”

Click the image to read more about JetBlue’s integrated complaint-handling approach.

Photo by Alamy


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