Offering a True Fit for Gift Shoppers

Consumers spend a lot of time (and money) shopping for others. Sometimes they enter the right information and sometimes they don’t. That’s why the gift receipt was invented for refunds. 🙂

Now, True Fit has devised a new app (“Shop for Others”) to make it easier to buy the right gift:

“Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, back to school, the holidays; it seems like it’s always the season to shop for someone. For those of us who go out on a limb and buy footwear and apparel for friends and family, your online shopping experience just got a lot better. For those of you who opt for giving the gift card rather than an outfit because you’re not confident about the fit of clothes or shoes for others, you’re in luck. We’re happy to announce that purchasing apparel and footwear for friends and family just got a whole lot easier with True Fit’s newest feature, ‘Shop For Others.’”

Here’s how Shop for Others works:

Create and Save a Profile for a Family Member or Friend — Retailers who support this capability have the profile icon with a red ‘Plus Sign’ next to the standard True Fit recommendation. Shoppers are then prompted to fill in a few short questions about the person he or she is shopping for, which may include gender, height, weight, and a well-fitting or favorite piece of clothing in their closet, and it’s corresponding size and brand. To complete the profile for improved fit accuracy, you can even fill in optional details, like stomach (Is it flat, average or round?), shoulders (are they narrow, average, or broad?), and torso (is it short, average or long?).”

Click the image to read more.


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