A Retail Checklist from Applause°

Applause° offers “a worldwide community of digital experience experts to help you improve every phase of software development.” It “connects your apps, Web sites, IoT products, and in-store experiences to uTest, the world’s largest community of digital experience quality experts.”

Recently, Applause° published an interesting retailing checklist:

“Are you providing your customers with the right digital experiences, in-store and online? Retail is evolving and digital is the thread that ties together the customer experience. Customers expect your Web site, mobile apps, and in-store experiences to be integrated. They expect store inventory to be available online. They expect promotions in your mobile apps to match promotions on your site. They expect an enhanced digital experience when they are standing in your stores and they expect payments to be simple and fast. It is the retailer’s responsibility to keep pace and provide customers with great experiences. Check out these five topics to see if you are doing digital right.”

Click the image to see the retailing checklist.


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