Surprise? Dads Big on Coupon Use

Coupons are still widely used in the United States, although their format (paper vs. electronic vs. online) has been evolving. Did you know that males (dad) are about as likely as females (moms) to use coupons?

Here are some of the conclusions and an infographic from a Valassis consumer study on current coupon use:

“Parents are more alike than dissimilar when it comes to shopping for traditional consumer packaged goods categories, according to the Valassis Coupon Intelligence Study. Dads and moms are more prone to use coupons while shopping, with 96 percent of dads and 98 percent of moms doing so, compared to 90 percent of all adults. But when it comes to planning, dads appear to be a little more ‘last minute,’ having a higher instance of planning what to buy on the way to the store. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach dads at home – for many, planning still begins there and coupons are the driver of decisions.”

“98 percent of dads prepare a shopping list prior to visiting a store and 96 percent say coupons influence that list; 85 percent of dads plan to buy a product only if there is a coupon, compared to 71 percent of all adults; and 43 percent of dads increased their purchase of only products for which they have coupons vs. 23 percent of all adults.”


Click on the chart to access Valassis’s full 24-page report on coupon trends.


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