How to Better Blend Online and In-Store Strategies

In this post, there are several tips as to how to better integrate omnichannel retailing.
As Steve Hashman (who manages business development at , and product development and marketing initiatives for high-tech and telecoms companies, both in Canada, and in locations across the globe) notes at
“The Internet was the initial game changer and the ability to shop online from anywhere in the world caused many traditional retailers to feel threatened. However, this was only the beginning and the rise of smartphones has added an extra layer to it all; and this infographic from the CUBE helps you understand how it’s changing the way people shop. People now have the Internet everywhere they go and they will often use it in-store but this should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat. It gives store owners an opportunity to be a step ahead of their competition.” 
“Many of the biggest brands are using apps to attract people to their stores. So this certainly isn’t the time to hide from technology. Even on a very simplistic level, 90% of retail shoppers use a digital device while shopping in-store. They could be doing something as simple as checking reviews of the product they’re looking at in your store; just to ensure they’re buying a quality product. Even since 2013, there has been a dramatic change in the percentage of retail sales influenced by a digital transaction. This figure was only at 13% in 2013 but increased to a huge 56% in 2016. As is often the way, it is the large brands who are taking advantage of these changes and smaller retailers risk getting left even further behind.”


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