For Small Businesses: Payment Processing Must Be Easier

For large retailers, handling multiple credit/debit card brands is pretty systematic due to their own sophisticated computer systems and the support from the major card issuers. The tasks are not as simple for small retailers.
As reported by
“Running a small business is complicated. Small business owners, who play the role of CEO, CFO, and CMO, don’t just wear many hats – they may wear every hat – and managing the responsibilities of those roles while keeping a close eye on the bottom line can seem like an uphill battle.”
“The American Express U.S. Small Merchants Group, a unit within the company led by Tyler Vaughey, has started to revamp its offering to small merchants in order to help simplify their lives as business owners. ‘We provide our card-accepting merchants with much more than just the means of accepting payment from American Express Card Members. We are constantly fine-tuning that offering so that we can help small business owners focus on running their business and spend less time thinking about their payments platform.’”­­­­
“In looking at how they could positively improve the lives of small business owners, Vaughey and his team focused on two core areas when upgrading their policies: time and money. That focus has brought on the unveiling of upgrades that help small merchants manage cash flow and make it easier and more efficient to accept American Express.”


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