Important Questions for Entrepreneurs to Consider

How would you answer the 100 questions posed at the link noted below (at the bottom of this post)?
Entrepreneurs often have a great passion for a particular business concept, want to introduce and popularize something novel into the marketplace, and would like to control their own destiny. Despite these admirable ambitions, many entrepreneurs do not adequately plan out their visions. They simply don’t think about enough questions.
With the preceding in mind, consider these observations from Leigh Buchanan, writing for Inc.:
There’s no Superman versus Iron Man face-off between questions and answers over which is the better tool for innovation. But if there were, questions would be winning. Questions ignite imaginations, avert catastrophes, and reveal unexpected paths to brighter destinations. Warren Berger, author of A More Beautiful Question, praises inquiry’s ability to trigger divergent thinking, in which the mind seeks multiple, sometimes non-obvious paths to a solution. Asking good questions and doing so often ‘opens people to new ideas and possibilities,’ says Berger.”
Click the image below to read Buchanan’s “100 Great Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask.”

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